Episode 21
Yngwie Malmsteen
Super Fast Sweep PickingLick

Episode 22
Yngwie Malmsteen
Super Fast Alternate Picking
Episode 23
Neoclassical Sextuplets
 Alternate Picking Lick
Episode 24
Gus G  Alternate
Picking Lick

Episode 17
Do it like Michael Romeo Part3

Episode 18
Sypmhony X meets Iron Maiden
The Powerslave


Episode 19
Michael Romeo
Sweep Picking Arpeggios


Episode 20
Yngwie Malmsteen
Neoclassical Alternate Picking 1


Episode 13
How to make heavy riffs
by using open strings

Episode 14
Metal Rhythm Guitar
Various Patterns Pt1
Episode 15
Do it like Michael Romeo Part1
Episode 16
Do it like Michael Romeo Part2

Episode 9
Tosin Abasi Sweeping
Technique approach

Episode 10
Black Sabbath
Iron Man in 7/8
Episode 11
Ultra Fast Minor
Pentatonic Lick
Episode 12
Brutal Ultra Fast
Heavy Riff

Episode 5
4 Voice Tapping Arpeggios
(the easy way)

Episode 6
Tapping Scales +
Pivot Notes technique

Episode 7
Multifinger Tapping

Episode 8
Tosin Abasi Tapping
Technique approach

Episode 1
How to hold
the Guitar

Episode 2
Picking Hand Positioning
How to hold the Guitar Pick
Episode 3
Fretting Hand

Episode 4
Tapping Arpeggios
(the easy way)