Latest News
225.8.175 Brand new song available soon
21.8.17 New Website Launched
11.8.17 All my instrumental releases are now available at Bandcamp
Latest Youtube Videos
21.8.17 Theodore Ziras-Salvation (Live-July 2017)
21.5.16 GR54 "Gus G" (Ozzy, Firewind) Phrygian Lick
15.5.16 GR53 Phrygian Lick (Εφαρμογή Phrygian)
7.5.16 GR52 Μάθε τήν Phrygian Κλίμακα-Θεωρία Πράξη
28.4.16 GS24 "Gus G" Lick (Firewind, Ozzy)
12.3.16 GR51 Aeolian Lick (Metallica-James Hetfield)
10.3.16 GS23 Neoclassical Sextuplets Fast Easy Lick
7.3.16 GR50 "Iron Maiden" Aeolian/Μινόρε Lick
2.3.16 GS22 Yngwie Malmsteen Fast Alternate Pick Lick
27.2.16 GR49 Lick #1 σε Aeolian/Μινόρε Κλίμακα
24.2.16 GS21 Yngwie Malmsteen Fast Sweep Picking Lick
20.2.16 GR48 Μάθε τήν Μινόρε/Aeolian Κλίμακα


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