I am offering on line studio Guitar session services.
at very affordable prices.

High quality services specialized for the needs
of every band-musician.

I have a high quality recording studio running Cubase 6.5
I can record up to 96Khz 24bit (RME high quality convertors)
with great amps and tone for your music.
(e.g Kemper profiling amplifier, Axe FX II,
Black Star Amps, Peavey 6505+)

I can send you the guitar parts completely dry so you can re-amp
later or even with the sound of your choice

Also I can read charts and am a proficient sight reader,
also i am accepting Guitar tab or midi files of the guitar parts
that you want me to perform for your project
Also i can even write parts as per your needs.

How it works:

You send me a rough Version of your Song/Music.
After careful listening of your music i will give you specific
suggestions and guidance in order how to make your music
sound more professional. Also i will give you a price quote.

Rates are available on request and negotiable
by project size and time requirements.